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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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the investigation into the sanai crash focuses on a lloyd noise heard on the cockpit voice recording. >> hello. i am marian namasi. you are watching al jazeera. healing old divisions. leaders of china and taiwan hold their first talks in more than 60 years. fears of fresh violence in burundi assem nesty expires. >> a celebration in sierra leone after the country is declared
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free of ebola. egyptian investigators say they are considering all possibility scenarios in the search for what caused last week's plane crash in sanai in which 224 people died. the man loading the investigation said experts were analyzing a loud noise. earlier, the foreign minister criticized for not sharing intelligence. quoted by the reuters' news agency said they were checking security cameras at sharmal sheik where the aircraft took off. paul wrenan now reports. it's been seven days since metro 9628 fill out. sky take 224 people to their deaths and flowers were laid on
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saturday at the crash site in the desert. after a week of leaks, rooufrmz and speculation, an official statement when the from the egyptian crash investigators. >> it is scattered over a wide area, more than 13 kilometers in length which is consistent with an in flight break-up. some parts of the wreckage are missing. it is hoped to locate them in the coming days. >> the lead investigator confirmed metro jet flight 9628 was 23 minutes and 14 seconds into its journey. it reached an altitude of 30,888 feet and was still climbing. it was traveling at 281 knots. the auto pilot had been edge engaged. everything seemed normal then catastrophe on the cockpit voice recorder. >> a noise was heard in the last
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seconds of the cvr recording. a spec tral analysis will be carried out in order to identify the nature of this noise a group of airbus advisors brings the total to 58 people. so, the travel ban and repattriation effort to bring tourists out of e i didn't want will continue. at sharmel sheik, it has calmed down considerably. many are told to wade in the resort until a plane becomes available for them. not everyone is fleeing. the fortunately minister hungary has been in cairo saying hungary
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will not make egypt off limits. >> these decisions can have very serious consequences. conductor what i see that no one has provided us with any kind of evidence that would have made me to put a travel band on egypt and until i am not provided with any kind of such evidence, i will not make that kind of decision. you can be sure about that. >> there is much we cannot be sure of. questions still to be answered about what happened to this plane. missing wreckage must be found. complex analysis conducted. if it was a bomb, those responsible must be identified. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> egypt analyst omar schur said authorities have been unwilling to access the possibility the plane was deliberately brought down. >> four hypotheses from the beginning, technical faut, pilot mistake, a surface to air guided
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missile, and the ied. from the beginning, it seemed that the egyptian authorities were dismissing the terrorist activity whether a missile or grenade. when prime minister cameron was saying this is the most likely cause of the crash, he was heavily criticized by the egyptian media, by the egyptian authorities, the foreign minister came out and said surprising. they were not willing to accept there was a security issue, a it terrorist cause for the crash mainly because this has political costs. it destroys the narrative that sanai is under control which the president sisi kept mentioning a few times, that to secure egypt after a period of very unstable transition and it has economic costs.
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it has -- it will affect tourism industry. so that's why they were dismissing this and being extremely intransparent when it came to their own investigations. it was a hands shake 66 years in the making. the leaders of china and taiwan have met for the first time ever although the talks lasted less than an hour. >> being seen as a symbolic show of reconciliation. raman reports from singapore where the historic meeting took place. security was tight in anticipation of the leaders' arrival. armed security at the ready take nothing chances for the leaders of china and taiwan. >> president ping was the first to arrive. then taiwan's leader. >> if anyone doubted importance of this meeting between the two presidents, take a look at the press corps that's arrived over
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500 of them from across asia pacific. they will look at every hand shake and smile and wondering what the impact of this meeting will be on both china and taiwan neither officially recognizes the other as head of state. china sees taiwan as its rogue province off of the chinese coast. taiwan regards itself as an independent country. by 1949 and after a bloody civil war, mao tse tung declared the peoples republic in china. chek, created their own republic of china on the island of what is now taiwan. the talks were a surprise to many. on the sidelines of a regional summit in beijing last november, president gee disciplined any contact with taiwan and said talks would only happen if the taiwan ease saw benefits. he had much at stake if he is
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able to carry off this meeting, i think it would certainly solidify his legacy. his position historically. and perhaps his post presidency political life if he is able to set himself up as a broker. >> the party flagging in opinion polls before elections due in the new year president gee spoke before the talks started. he was positive. 66 years of development of the cross strait relations indicates no matter how much wind and rain both sides have been through, no matter how long we have been kept away from each other, no force can keep us apart. >> the meetings lasted less than an hour. this is what mar had to say afterwards. >> translator: both sides should stick to one china policy. but we have to recognize although there is one china, we agree to disagree on the definition. there are different interpretations political commentators knee this was a
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purely symbolic meeting. while it was all smiles on saturday, the upcoming general elections in taiwan could see the anti-china opposition taking power. then, it would be back to the drawing board for both. singapore. >> roger with the asian program at the intend policy institute at chap house in london says the taiwan china leaders meet something more about symbolism than substance. >> symbolically it is important because it is the first ever meeting at head of state level although they called each other mr. rather than mr. president. political movement in the relation. i don't think there will be much substance coming out of it. this so-called 1992 cone census, one-chile policy with differing interpretations allows both sides to come in to at a time room to meet each other and come out of the room saying we have
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given nothing away. >> the deadline has expired for a controversial weapons am nest city in burundi. the president has warned of tough measures to stamp out resistance to hez receipt rely. opponents were told to give up weapons on face police action. the u.n. and international criminal court fear it will trigger wide sfred violence. 200 people have died. 200,000 have fled the country after they decided to seek a third term. sierra leone has officially been declared free of ebola. this is how people have been celebrating in the capital city. world health organize says no new ebola cases in the past 42 days but neighboring guinea is still struggling to rid itself of the deadly virus. sierra leone might be breathing a sigh of relief. the ebola virus hit the country hard. it suffered more cases of ebola
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than neighboring guinea when the first outbreak was recorded in march, 2014. over 12,000 children in sierra leone have lost at least one adult who looked after them. over 3,000 have lost both parents to the viruvirus. in total, 4,000 people have died the that's had a big impact on village economies. across the border, ebola is still a threat and the world health organization is warning even for sierra leone, this is just the ends of the current crisis. vanessa workmans heads the response team in sierra leone. she says saturday's announcement is a major milestone. >> we were unfortunate enough to be with our national team at our ebola center to listen to the declaration for what was announced for whof as the statement came out, every way jumped up and started cheering and laughing and clapping. there were also a lot of tears
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in reference of the countless numbers of people who lost their lives as a direct and indirect result of the outbreak. the last several months have been considerable effort by the international community and the government of sierra leone to strengthen the local healthcare system in terms of training healthcare workers how to use appropriate protective equipment to rehabilitate healthcare facilities and how for staff members to screen for any ebola like systems and do considerable work for safe places for iceslation and referral if necessary a lot of considerable effort out in the community to really provide health and prevention. >> more to come for you on al jazeera. came offering aid but india's prime minister is greeted with protests at a rally in kashmir. two years on from one of the strongest storms on record, al jazeera revisits the fi
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philippines which still bears the scores of a typhoon.
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welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. let's take you through the top stories. he job description authorities have con firms a loud noise was heard in the last second of the cockpit recordings recovered from last week's plane crash. the leaders of china and taiwan have met for the first time in more than 60 years in what's being hailed as a symbolic show of reconciliation. the deadline forearm nesty has
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expired. told to give up weapons and surrender or face police action. in other stories we are following, a somali mp has been left wounded after a drive-by shooting. he was on his way to parliament in mowigadishu when his car was sprayed by bullets. al shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack. in the last three years since the formation of the parliament, foreign m did have been killed in mogadishu. >>its israel forces launch add manhunt. sill pan stillians raide homes have been raided. groups stormed an activist group leader. they are said to be responsible for those for shooting incidents on friday. the army has blocked off various exits out of the city. moving to yemen now where violence is continuing between a yemeni army, forces loyal tohadhad an the houthires.
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19 houthi fighters have been killed. 17 popular resistance fighters have been wounded. million forces confirmed 12 people including children have decided, 18 others have been injured in the shelling by houthi forces. >> in syria, at least 37 people have been killed in suspected russian airstrikes on damascus and surrounding countryside according to monitors from the syrian observatory for human rights. this video is said to show the aftermath of the strikes in duma which left at least six children dead. the group says death toll could rise further. in the last hour, the u.s. defense secretary has used a keynote speech in california to criticize russia for its part in helping the syrian president. ash carter said moscow's aimpression is prolonging the civil war that has!ed the lives of more than 250,000 people. >> syria, russia's throwing gasoline on an already dangerous
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fire. a civil war that fuels the extremism russia claims to oppose. at sea, in the air n space and in cyberspace, russian actors have engaged in call enging activities. most disturbing, moscow's nuclear sabre rattling raises questions about russia's leaders' commitment to strategic stability, their respect for norms against the u.s. of nuclear weapons and whether they respect profound caution nuclear age leaders showed with regard to the brandishing of nuclear weapons. >> voting in mianmar's relectio is set to get underway. many hope it will introduce full democracy. the opposition says it is stacking the deck in its favor scott hideler has more now. >> with the election posters
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down and campaigning come to a hamilton, myanmar is hours away from the polls. a historic vote the whole world is watch can. over the past two months, most of the cities and towns have seen extensive campaigning, something the 50 million people here have not witnessed in a quarter of a century, a general election with all political parties running. he specially the national league for democracy. the nld is the frontrunner in sunday's polling. the party boycotted the 2010 election a year before the transformation to the currents somewhat civilian government. buzz dau contanu did participate as a founding member of the democracy party. her father was the first and last democratically elected prime minister, removed by a military coup in 1962.
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nearly 50 years, we were under the military rule so now you know not within five years. within five months, those changes we wanted to see. but as for my father he was a seasoned politician. he might not have this kind of frustration. >> she feels the nation needs to channel some of her father's patience. >> saz the rooming party wraps up its campaigning, this is their last rally, some feel sdprooi predictions of a big win for the opposition and on son on sonon song on song su saises chi, this is parts of the process to fulfill democracy. they think this election is neither free nor fair? >> this is an xorments step on the road to democracy but a small first step even if opposition parties were to win 100% of the seats elected that
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are available to them, the military has a constitution in place that is stacked in their favor. >> and that includes barring her from becoming president and giving the military the power to appoint 25% of the parliament. with so many factors in and possibilities at play and in uncharted territory, exact predictions of myanmar's political future is as accurate as the fortune tellers at the suli police department adagoda. prime minister modi has announced $12 million of aid for cashmere, but despite the finds, his visit was marched by fighting between police and protesters which left one man dead. a local politician was among several people arrested during the protest rally. kashmir is run by a mums lim majority whereas modi is a hard-line hindu.
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faiz jamil was at the protest. >> protesters here have just been clashing with police. supposed to be contained in that area over there. they started mashing out waving black flags and balloons. the police just swooped in, almost out of nowhere and trying to push the crowd back they are protesting at a time rally here he is here to announce a larger aid packet to help victims of flooding and annoyance more development for the state. these people here say they don't want economic help. they want political freedom. tlept the issues in -- kashmir to be addressed at the political level. well, police here have a curfew and increased security around the city last few days trying to prevent protests look i can this from happening b, but smaller ones under ground messages, police are struggling right now
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but so far, it has been kept in this general area. >> now, in pakistan, a teenager has been pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed factory after his parents mistakenly buried another body. 19-year-old mohammed shaz spent 50 hours under the debris under the factory in lahor. hopes have been fading of finding anyone alive. 55 people have decide since wednesday's disaster. dozens more are missing. >> sunday marks two years since one of the most powerful storms on record made landfall in the philippines. typhoon hyan displaced means. to see how people are coping. >> reporter: this was one b i have a's home where she says she
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numbrtured her four chin for ma years until the typhoon swept it all away. mistaken politicians have promised her a new home. she is still waiting. >> where will we be? where will we ends up now? will we ever have a home? there are questions when it comes to government choices of beneficiaries. we always have to fight from local governments down to community leaders. >> at least 6,000 people were skilled and millions more displaced. the president has earlier budgeted $39,000,000,000 u.s. dollars to fund for rofrnling efforts. 21,000 homes needed to be rebuilt. two years on, only around 500 houses are complete. thousands of people here remain jobless. others say they feel grateful groups have stayed on to help them. the recovery of survivors is considered one of the biggest. desperate for help, thousands of
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survivors wrote to him weeks ago. >> unfortunately for whatever reason, the open letter if it was addressed to me never got to me. i never saw it. not in any paper, not in any place i managed to see it. >> election season has begun and some survivors say they worry their stories will just be used to further political ambitions here no flowery speeches they say can hide truth. two years okay, thousands of survivors are sill living in makeshift shelters with no electricity and running water. >> national and local government agencies put the blame on each other. relief efforts have been mired by politics from the very beginning. >> my husband has been doing his best. lg was doing its best and i believe a lot has been done. we can always do more. >> here in this mass grave is where hundreds of unidentified bodies were bur nishingd haste
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by the government. families desperate foreclosure marking crosses for their loved once hoping that even in death, they are given dignity. two years on, this mass grave has deteriorated. parts of it removed to make way for new construction. for those still grieving, this is a grim resting plates. for loved ones whose stories have already been forgot en. jamil, al jazeera, southern philippines. >> there has been violence on the streets of german where thousands have rallied against the country's policy on refugees. thousands of supporters of the alternative for germany movement were met by hundreds of counter protestors. at least three proceed wretch uj e demonstrators were arrested after scuffles. they face up to a million refugees and migrants this year. >> spain, tens of thousands of people have joined a march through madrid to demand
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government action. the march was joined. 40 have been killed by partners or ex partners according to government figures and mon 8,000 since 203. >> would think it's imports to be here today because the fight against sexist violence needs to be a national priority we call on the government and the next government after the december election to a lot so they stop killing us. >> frogs are disappearing at an unpress didn'ted rate around the world. scientists say it's due to a figures spreading fast. there is a new push to ensure the am finian's long-term survival in panama. david mercer paid a visit. inside the laboratory, an hour outside panama city, siementits are working overtime. for inc. investigator ibinames, the motivation is clear, a chance to save frogs from extinction.
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with a deadly fungal disease, the signsists' work is vital. >> we are in a race against time because the fung as appears to be spreading east wards across panama. we have to revenge u vig frogs before the fungus gets to them and use those frogs to establish healthy populations. >> this new state-of-the-art lab is allowing researchers to look at ways to protect amphibians from the fungus and get them back in to the wild. >> about a third of the world's amphibian species are in danger of extinction. already around 40% of frog pieces have been wiped out. that's why scientists say that programs like this are essential to their survival. >> building a lab in central america brought new challenges. without stores to buy food for the frogs, researchers have to raise the insects, themselves maintaining precise temperatures and humidity is essential giving
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amphibians what they need to thrive. frokz frogs have lots on their diet because when they are in mating, they hardly eat. we need to make sure they are we will if he had in preparation for the mating embrace which can last from a few days to a month. >> the lab is home to three pieces of endangers frogged. morning 300 individuals are separated cork to species and gender. staff are increasing this population through selective mating key to the frogs' long-term survival. >> studies tell us with 40 individuals, 20s males and 20 females, we guarantee that the genetic variabilitity won't be affordable in 20s 5 to 50 years' time. this will be important in the future when the animals repopulate. >> searching for clues part of a
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global effort to save frogs before it's too late. gamboa pamana. >> everything we are covering right here, the address, scientists chart a fault deep under the pacific that could devastate the northwestern u.s. first by earthquake, then tsunami. the data is in, the research is clear, so why is this major subduction fault largely ignored? >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science


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